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  1. maybe I'm just to screwie but i can never make it past the first one or two Second Day missions. I'm a major Stun/paralize Lover but i can never find a damned armor piercing stunner except when i have no money in the nanofab missions, and even then its only been most not all of the time lol. trying to convert to trying to stun almost no one now, that might help me in day 2's but not sure just wish i actually had time for 3 missions (the 3 basic lowest level guard missions basically) before all the difficulty gets majorly raised on day 2. and no you can NEVER get all 3 in time even if they are close. its always 8h minimum to closest mission and up to 11 or 12 for travel time to farthest. Mostly i just feel that we should have a bit of a better chance in first day or so to get a set up for the Difficult Spikes that are day 2 and 3. Spikes i understand and are needed but theres just so little you can do unless you get lucky with 3rd agent rescue(and not a damned hostage) and a good vendor to Equip that agent and minor upgrades to your other agents. While still needing the Nano Creds to even buy anything!
  2. thanks guys. finally learned to stop trying to get every loot/info and keep team close but not too close. i end up trying to keep a "safe" room with at least 2 LoS breakers (not 1 2by1 but two separate ones) so that if i have to i can try and have my agents hide and wait for the damned guards to move on. even if it takes 6 turns after level 6 alarm -shudder-
  3. Hoping for some basic tips/hints for new people like me that are just joining in lol. gotta ask cause already done 10 new games and i always lose one (then both) of my agents in first 1-2 missions (got to mission 3 ONCE) and trying to see if theres any tips or anything to help me figure out why the hell i keep getting in so much trouble lol. almost to were I'm start splitting my team every time and find the exit and loot what i can and speed dash out before level 3 alarms lol.