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A way to change the name of the prefabs?

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They are not as usefull if you cant name them to describe them

*not a native speaker


***yes i will stop spamming the forums shut up im going to sleep soon anyways

Nobody is asking for you to "shut up" Tomer8009, but please do take a few minutes and see how the board is set up before just posting something where it does not belong.


I realize you are new and this is not your native language, but there are what we call "Sub-forums" that are made for specific things. We have them for Art, Videos, Mods and Tools, Bug reports, trading (Steam game) and Suggestions/Feedback. One of these sub-forums instead of general is where that post goes in the future.


Also, unless you are already familiar with how LUA design works on this game specifically, i strongly recommend you read Mods and Tools how making modules for the game works, as the same programming is used by the Developers.


I've also asked the moderators to move this post to the appropriate Sub-forum as this is not a general discussion and (likely) is a Suggestion/Feedback or this is now moved to the Mods and Tools Sub-forums. 

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