Moleworm King Concept And Boulder Changes

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The Moleworm King would be a new passive creature added to Don't Starve that could be used to make boulders and rocks a renewable resource. (More renewable than just digging up moleworm burrows.) 


Spawning: Moleworm kings would spawn naturally in Desert, Rocky Plains, and Rockyland biomes. The Moleworm Kings can also be "spawned" by a player. 


Burrows: Moleworm burrows would receive an overhaul that creates three tiers of the burrow, much like spider dens. Burrows can be upgraded by moleworms gathering enough stone and mineral resources or by players placing stone/mineral resources into the burrows. Tier 1 moleworm burrows look that same as now, and are able to be dug up with a shovel. Tier 2 moleworm burrows require multiple uses of the shovel to "dig up", spawning nearby tier 1 burrows (the spawned tier 1 burrows will not continue to grow while acting as satellites to the larger burrow) but will spawn more moleworms. Tier 3 moleworm burrows spawn protective stalagmites around the burrow (significantly smaller and skinnier than boulders, that can be mined and grow back). Tier 3 burrows also have tier 1 burrows scattered around and between stalagmites. Tier three burrows must be dug up with the shovel multiple times before collapsing, once collapsed a player must place 10 stones into the collapsed burrow to completely destroy it. Understroyed but collapsed burrows will still be repopulated by other moleworms, eventually spawning another king. 


Behavior: When attacked a moleworm king will charge at and past enemies from underground, leaving in it's path a trail of jagged rock that will quickly decay into dust. Kings will pop up from under the ground periodically, at this time a player can attack the king. Dropping valuable ores or high quanitites of rocks will distract a moleworm king and it will pop out from under the ground to examine the loot, this allows for a player to effectively bait the moleworm king out from underground. During the day moleworm kings will leave the burrow to collect stone items along with their assistant moleworms. While out and about moleworm kings will "dig" at boulders, spawning rocks in the vicinity without damaging the boulder. Moleworm kings will also periodically erect boulders from underground. 


Environment: Moleworm kings reside in "Tier 3" burrows. A new moleworm will spawn for every five new rock items a king brings back to his den, these new moleworms will not inhabit the nearby tier 1 burrows unless the burrows are vacant, prompting the moleworms to leave the tier 3 burrow and make home elseware. 

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Let me summarise it if I have understood it correctly;

Tier 1 is a burrow ... sounds right.

Tier 2 is a village/city with multiple burrows ... sounds good.

Tier 3 is also a village/city, plus renewable stalagmites and has a king, who actively mines the stalagmites and resides in the big centre burrow that spawns multiple moleworms ... hmmm, no way.


Tie 3 should be simplified or just removed.

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