Don't Starve Lite


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Gather around the table and listen to a sad tale of woe;



Pick up the dice and get ready for a lite game of Don't Starve,

all powered by your trusty d10.


The Rules are Simple:


- You play this game as you would a normal game of Don't Starve;

Hunt, gather wood, scavenge food, get killed

(As in none of that insane bull you OC makers seem to pump out)


- Everything is decided by RNGsus;

And your GM truly.

The mechanics are simple: You roll a dice.


How it works:

Numbers that can only be divided by 1 or itself


Have a reduced/bad outcome.


Even Numbers


Have a neutral/nothing special outcome.


Numbers divideable by 3s


Have a good/increased outcome.


10 is a critical success, and

1 is a critical failure


How it plays:

Just write out an action you can do in the game,

(Cut down trees, construct items, kill spiders, etc)

Followed by a dice roll.
If you rolled a 1, roll a saves check to see if you survive.


I'll keep track of the team's inventory.


There's will be a roll by me to determine

what's going to happen with every new round.


5 Rounds = 1 Day

No Seasonal Changes


4 players only:

GM - ScienceMachine

1 -

2 -

3 -

4 -



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