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If I end my PS Plus subscription, will I be able to play RoG or can I only play if I resubscribe?

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I have bought RoG, why not give me access to that??

What is the message you got when you tried to start it? DId you try starting a new game to see if there was a Reign of Giants checkbox? Is the Opening Screen Purple?


Did you verify your Subscription with PS+? Did you try and Restore your License?

Did you follow these steps to "Remotely Download" the add-on from SEN? Did you reboot (as in shut off and re-power) your console afterwards?


Technically though, it is "paired" with the DS game and Sony's network, so it should automaticly update as a "patch," but if not, the remote download and reboot often works. 


if all else fails, after backing up your save info, have you tried deleting the game entirely, shutting off/rebooting and downloading it from the GAME PAGEpost-431734-0-35445900-1406118690.png


and NOT your Download library? 

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Just like with any game that's been downloaded for free as part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Games Collection; once the PS Plus membership expires, the licenses/permissions for those games expire as well; even if they have paid DLC installed. 


The same applies to Don't Starve: Console Edition; if the subscription to PS Plus expires, the license for the game becomes inaccessible on that system unless you choose to renew your membership.


You'll find more information about membership and licenses/renewal on the PlayStation support website.

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