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Are Maps too small? I actually WANT to explore but its not fun when i reach the end

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Hey everyone. I'm just loving this game but something I have noticed. Yes the developers idea was to have us explore rather than turtle, that's fine. I actually like to just set up a main base and go to the ends of the world finding more things. I LIKE to explore. My issue comes with the maps being too small. I didnt think it was at first but more and more I'm finding i've explored the entire map in like 20 days. I had a great map before where I was up to day 40. The moment I reached the end I suicided. There was simply nothing left to explore.

I'm just curious what your guys thoughts on this are. Any way to make the maps like 2-4 times bigger than they are to reward the wanderlust I have?

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Hmmm, i'm not really sure. |

Both had their advantages. I like exploring big ass area's and all the time when i reach the end i'm quite dissapointed. Everything being close has a real advantage on your surviving capabilities though. The closer everything is to eachother the easier it is to find the other stuff and to use it to survive...

Earlier I've had some big maps where i had to walk from my mining area to my beefalo area for like 2 ingame days.

So they both have their advantages and disadvantages i guess.

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My fav maps were the ones where I had resources nearby to have a suitable "main base" but then I can safely explore the rest of the world, picking things along the way, perhaps making smaller outposts to venture out more. Still I thank you guys for the replys, this has really been the only thing that has made me upset in any way.

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Heheh, ofcourse! its an epic game! :D

I myself have had something similar to what you're saying now. On my biggest map so far i had an actual island system too. On each island I had a little base, and i was just wandering around between the nights while gathering stuff on the way :)

Kind of hard to remember which chest you put ur stuff in to though :)

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