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  1. Yeah, I have to agree that I'm not a fan of the look o fdeerclops, its close but I have to agree with the earlier post, that I expected it to be more..monstrous. SImilar to Tony Chopper;s Monster form. I guess just bulk him up a bit more?
  2. Hey everyone. yeah I start a new game every time, and what I love is the "ok I'm going to do this...oh wait I died this time...huh" next game!"I died on day 2 from a level 1 spider nest, thinking I could take it with an ax. Nope! But thats part of the fun, changing my play style every time
  3. Hey everyone, just wanted to say this update is a lot of fun. I'm curious if anyone has had any new "oh this is going to end badly" moments.I just had one and sadly I was so into the game I forgot a screenshot, but I had just set up a base next to two massive pig cities by the swamp :)I had three friends (which by the way, having friends is the fastest way to restore sanity).......except for the one drawback.Yep. I just lit my fire and BAM three were pigs. I thought I had one more day. So now I'm running circles around my campfire, praying for night to end, watching my sanity meter PLUMMET from being chased by three were pigs, then seeing the shapes, then seeing the really eerie "tall gangly man that stretches" (I'm reminded of the plague doctor in an earlier post). Daybreak finally comes, the were pigs go to sleep peacefully, just as 5 hideous and fast creatures surrounded me and took me away to Ryalthe.HAHA awesome
  4. Hey guys, first, just want to say how much I'm enjoying this game and the community from it, I've been checking in with it daily. Super looking forward to all the changes and plans for the future. I just wanted to say hello but also point out my surprise. I see that the Red names all hail from Vancouver. Well I'm just a hop skip and jump away (in a nearby biome) in the fraser valley/Mission. So not only am I supporting a kick ass gaming company, but a local one! Keep up the good work guys.
  5. My fav maps were the ones where I had resources nearby to have a suitable "main base" but then I can safely explore the rest of the world, picking things along the way, perhaps making smaller outposts to venture out more. Still I thank you guys for the replys, this has really been the only thing that has made me upset in any way.
  6. I do admit i'm not a fan of the bridges, but i don't know. Maybe the mid and end game stuff will make me happy to set up a main base, but there is something fun knowing there is still one more path to explore.
  7. Hey everyone. I'm just loving this game but something I have noticed. Yes the developers idea was to have us explore rather than turtle, that's fine. I actually like to just set up a main base and go to the ends of the world finding more things. I LIKE to explore. My issue comes with the maps being too small. I didnt think it was at first but more and more I'm finding i've explored the entire map in like 20 days. I had a great map before where I was up to day 40. The moment I reached the end I suicided. There was simply nothing left to explore. I'm just curious what your guys thoughts on this are. Any way to make the maps like 2-4 times bigger than they are to reward the wanderlust I have?