Its a Bear?!

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I was just thinking, that a Bear in this game would be a cool additional creature to the game. They would track down Bee Hives for their honey because that would be their primary food source in this game. Depending on whatever Klei feels like is best if they do implement this, Bees will or will not attack the Bear when it is consuming honey from the Hive. Also when the Bear eats honey from the Hive it does not destroy it, as Hives are not renewable sources. It shows a sitting animation while the Bear seems to be stuffing its mouth similar to the player when they eat. Bears also have a chance of surprising the player by falling out of a tree when that player is chopping at it. As Bears are adept climbers of trees, when Wilson or whoever the player is, starts chopping at the tree within possibly 4-6 chops well before it actually falls a Bear will fall out of said tree and become aggressive towards the player chasing them away. Bears could also be spotted near Ponds with the same eating animation as the Bee Hives gorging on Fish. It will be neutral to most creatures in the game, unless attacked first but the Bear also eats meat so if its near a Pig Village and there happens to be meat lying somewhere on the floor because the player has just slaughtered some, it will attract the Bear and it will attempt to eat some of their unattended food. Bears can eat just about anything that is available in this game making having unguarded food sources in this game such as Bee Boxes, Berry Bushes, etc around the camp dangerous. That is another thing: watch your Bee Boxes carefully or the Bear will start eating your honey while your away, and strategically place them away from camp less you find a Bear in your camp upon your return.


Depending on how Klei sees fit, Bears can either be a neutral or aggressive creatures towards the player.


Bears can drop Bear Pelt, rare chance of the Bear's Tooth/Claw, and whatever is in its stomach that hasnt been digested. Bear Pelts can be crafted into something like this:

which can provide insulation during Winter, possible armor, and a fear factor towards most mobs making Pigmen, Beefalo, Bunnymen, and Merms run away at the sight of you. Bear's Tooth/Claw can be used to fashion a new weapon. Maybe even make a Bear Skin Rug for decoration, or a Bear Skin sleeping bag, where the mouth is where you enter the bag so it looks like you are being eaten by a boneless bear lol.


Also since most creatures in this game seem to be a mix of species similar to the Avatar series it wouldnt be just a regular Bear but a Bearilla (Bear-Gorilla), Beareleon (Bear-Chameleon...possibly invisibility? How freaky would that be), or whatever.

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