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Island Generation Pattern?


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Alright so its probably nothing new on how the Spheres/Islands/Biomes spawn. Im probably the last to figure this out but here is my interpretation of how maps are generated.

You start of in a grasslands that also has forests scattered through it (usually centered) and tons of carrots and berries usually the one with the most Rabbits too. The next island you will find I like to call the Death Island as it has the graves and many Spider Dens. After that you find the Forest Island (In my experienced this Island is usually smashed together with the Beginner Island and closely followed by the Death Island. Then there is usually ALWAYS a fork in the road where one direction takes you to a Savanna with Beefalo and another towards a King Pig. Then right next to that, or between the Savannah Island and King Island is the Swamp Island. And across the Swamp Island is the Rock Island. Which for me has ALWAYS been across a Swamp Island and there were no other ways in.

Then some other special rules. One is that the Pig Island is ALWAYS two Islands away from a Savannah Island. I had a tease today where the Savannah and the King Islands were view distances of each other but no bridge. Meaning I needed to go back to the Middle Island which was Death Island for me then go to Savannah. That unexplored are near the middle is a Swamp Island and I can guarantee there is a Rock Island on the other side. Another is that the King Island is always near or connected to a Death Island (probably for Grave items). The Rock Island is always across a Swamp Island from a "SafeĀ® Island". King Islands are always two islands away from a large rabbit source and at least one island away from a berry source. King Islands are always within Forests and have at least two Spider Dens on the island.

Ive notice these patterns in the last 3 worlds I've generated and honest the balancing makes sense(if that was the purpose). The King Island is away from Berries and Rabbits so they cannot be super easily farmed for their gold from meat or manure from veggies. Further making the choice harder on to stay near the Beefalo for easy manure and farm management or closer to the King for gold, protection, and workers for yourself. Death Islands for their items for gold from King Pigs. Rock Island across a dangerous Swamp Island for rock,gold,flint and egg opportunities. And of course Beginners Island is full of things to help you get a really good start, personally I do not leave the first Island until I have gathered almost everything that isnt tree's and rabbits.

Edit: I also meant that King Islands always spawn two islands from the nearest Beefalo. So no necessarily a Savannah Island but from Beefalo.



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