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I like to play some games on Pc with Gamepad (Don't Starve for example), and I have some trouble to find good SplitScreen games for PC to play with other people when they around here.


I would like it if you'd make use of the DX10 and DX11 feature Fullscreengames on multiple screens for a local and network Multiplayer.


My girlfriend plays Don't Starve on her old Notebook, so I guess every PC newer than 3 years should be fast enough to play Don't Starve on two FullHD screens

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They are planning to release MP beta version on the end of the summer...



Hi, DevilXD [i'm on at the moment, you can skype me now if you want to...]


I think The OP is looking for the ability to play multiplayer with multiple people, using only 1 copy of the game. I'm pretty sre that (at least the early versions) likely won't have that feature, as it means that 4 pepole share 1 copy of DS, rather than having 1 copy each. I guess it remains to be seen.

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