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Butterfly problem

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I hope I'm not being really stupid here but you use captured butterflys to plant flowers correct? Or was this changed in ROG because I'm not given the option to plant my butterflies anywhere. I am on the ps4 so maybe this is a bug with the console edition?


Are you sure you're capturing them, not killing them?

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Yep I'm using the bug net and capturing them. I tried exiting and entering the game and still not working. It's only giving me the option to murder them


After some googling I'll suggest two things:


Just do the option "murder". Appearently there is a bug that lets you plant them and it doesn't murder them, so it's a tooltip bug.


IF the murder option does in fact murder it, try to plant the wings. I've seen some people say they can plant wings on the console version.


Really just.. play around with it, it's not like the butterflies are finite anyway.

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Should be if you press Right, it will plant. IF you press again, it will murder. There was a thread on this issue a couple days ago.
(bug?) Butterfly Murder = Plant?


Can't get it to post as a link but look in BUG TRACKER for this thread and you'll see what a dev says.

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