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Anyone know about how to edit anim files?


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Ok so i thinking about changing a few colors and how objects are ingame but when i open up say fint01 i get a bin,tex,and a bin i think (not at my comp atm) but what do i use to open them? thanks btw  :wilson_goodjob:

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1) Get [Tex-Tools]

2) Open the atlas-0.tex with the tex-tool

3) Save it as whatever you want (preferably .png or .jpg)

4) Do art!

5) Use tex-creator to convert back to .tex

6) Put that in a copy of the .zip you got it from, and put the copy in a mod with an anim folder. This way, you don't overwrite game files entirely, but yours get loaded instead

7) Check it out in-game! If you change the form or size of a texture, there is almost certainly something cut off. Colours may change due to seasonal filters too.


Keep in mind to check out the art section of [guides]

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