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NEED HELP I just want some suggestions on what to do!

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I just want to mention that I got all the way up to the last level of "darkness" and I was doing quite well at first finding my first three pieces quite easy. I came prepared with a stack of jerky, silk, miners hat, and stack of gold.


THEN the last piece the potato piece, I still haven't found and i try the technique of exploring the borders so that I'm sure that i wasn't missing like a bridge that needs to the forest biome on top. Then i explored and found that nothing exactly leads to the top.... which is all the more confusing.


When i brought the diving rod near the top it mentions that i'm heading in the right direction towards the forest biome, but its all cut off and I have no means of getting there....


Is there like a wormhole in this map? Cause if there is then i'm screwed cause i have only like 2 pieces of jerky that is going to go bad soon... and i can't go and investigate each and every nook and cranny. You think its a bug?


PLEASE ADVISE ON WHAT TO DO! This is the last level, so i'm pretty devestated.


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I also forgot to mention that when I tried exploring other areas in the rock biomes that the signal from the diving rod was very faint... meaning that there wasn't a piece in the areas on the left and right of the map.

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Hello, Aurora, and welcome to the Don't Starve Forums.



Looks like you need to go back to base, restock, and start exploring the map further. There are still a lot of unrevealed sections on the map, it may very well be in one of those, or it may be on that Island you have found. Access to that island will indeed be via Wormhole, but the last part may be on the mainland.


By "Last level", do you mean you are just looking for the 5th piece? There is a lot more to this game than just adventure mode.


An observation; I don't know how far along you are, but I normally would be at about day 10-15 with this much map revealed, and I would still be playing Nomad, without having settled, and without having made Jerky yet. That being the case, you say you are almost finished, have you survived a winter, yet? The game doesn't plateau until at least day 100+

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Sorry this is the last level of Adventure Mode in the level "Darkness" in Final Chapter 5


In Darkness there is little food supply available and the whole time it is dark with maxwell lights lighting the way. I can't restock like a regular map can because I can barely see where things are, and there is a limited supply of everything... not to mention a ton of things that want to kill you along the way and my health is low making it difficult to kite, and sanity is low due to it being night all the time.


I tried going along the boarders and zig-zagging along the middle of it to see if theres a signal from the Divining Rod but it is faint along the left and right of the rock biomes. I guess if its not a bridge, then i have to start looking for a wormhole? I didn't know that there were wormholes in the "Darkness" level as I remember being told that there would be only bridges similiar to "King of Winter."





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Yeah, it's likely you need to find either a missed land bridge or a wormhole in Darkness (grats on making it this far BTW!) What is that dark area in the upper left corner of your forest zone right side? Technically, there could be a wormhole, but it's more likely a missed land bridge. I'll warn you now that often there is a certain non-day-active creature near the Wooden Thing (besides the Mechanicals) that knows where you walk...and that's as much a hint as i'll give; good luck.  



Carry a sleeping bag and at base, build a tent if you haven't for the sanity, and make more Jerky (or even Monster Jerky) on those drying racks. If you have enough meats (3 total,) Meaty stew can also work.  


 Finally,  if you live long enough, but are not finding the 4th item without more help: Try building a Meat effigy or life giving amulet. If about to die from non-combat related stuff, place your stuff in a recoverable area (and switch to your amulet if using that.) Of course, you may not have one of these steps (and only able to switch to the amulet if using that) if in combat and about to die. 

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