Funny Montage( Of my first Wilson Series..R.I.P Wilson...)


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Hey guys! I posted the beginning of my series on these forums awhile back so I just thought I would post a funny montage of all the crap things that happened in this blind series of Don't Starve...looking back...I am an idiot...or a genius O_O 


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Watching it 10th time and still laughing xD



1. Dogs:

- Kite them:

-- Get very close to them and run to the safe distance when they'll attack.

-- Then come close to them and:

--- 1 Dog: strike 2 times.

--- 2 And More Dogs: strike 1 time.

-- Watch out for their attacks!

2. Hands:

- Just step on them and follow to the border of light (or just step, if there are 2 or 3)

3. Pigs:

- Attack one time, run.

- Wait for their hit and run out of it's reach and than attack fast.



It will heal them.

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Oops. And I meant to say that you guys that like the video should subscribe if ya want to see alot of the montages quicker. I always forget to post on here super fast. And I hate spamming a forum with video after video after video. Peace  :wilsoncj:

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Ooh what you say is a funny song! It may be even better perhaps if you used different sad music in your future videos!

For instance:

I cant think of any others off hand, but for immediately after death - those make good options! Good luck!

Ohp, one more!

(Wilson is best for that one.)

Also try some other characters when you get the chance! Wilson is great but variety is the spice of life!




Yeah, I'm doing a series as Wendy right now.

Oops... I want to watch someone play as Woody though! Good luck levelling up and I'll be checking out your channel.

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Hey! (sorry for the late response) 


I'm listening to the sad violin. And laughing. I'm a horrible person...cause all I do is see slow motion Don't Starve Death to this music. XD thanks for that though! I will definitely use it and the other! 


I just used Hide and Seek(oooh what ya say) in the last one repeatedly just as a runnin gag. XD Can't use it every-time though. Too repetitive...


A Woody Playthrough will be cool! I'm doin one playthrough with each character then I'm gonna go back to the ones I like best. I've only ever played as Wilson, and now Wendy. 


Thanks for the Good luckness and I hope to talk to ya again! 

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