Small bird and pig control

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I think there should be a better way to control your followers. I was running along with my small bird, and I misclicked on a beehive. I saw Steve hoot and charge after it. I immediately clicked away saying "nononononononononono" and spamming every key I could think of to stop him. Poor little Steve hit the beehive and instantly died to killer bees.

I think there should be, at the very least, some way to stop your small bird or pig from attacking something, and get it to run away.

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Mm, I agree. How about this for an idea, for the Smallbirds at least:

What if you can put your Smallbird in the bird cages? Right click the cage while your Smallbird is nearby and he or she will happily jump into it. That way, if you're, say, going to go out adventuring or to gather honey, your little friend stays safe until you return.

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There's currently an exploit where you command you pigs to attack something, then "cancel" your attack action while the pigs continue attacking. If ll the pigs die, the "attacked" entities (for eg: Tree Guardians) won't come after you, as technically you didn't attacked them.

So yeah, friendlies should stop attacking if you do so yourself.


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The question is, how do you confirm you want to end an attack, short of running away?

Perhaps we shouldn't be asking how to END an attack, but how to BEGIN it.

As I see it, companions shouldn't react until you give the first hit. Only then they would help you.

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