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[Translation] Where are new strings? i can't find some strings

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Hi, like in the title i have some problems: i'm the author of italina translation on stema workshop; i can't find where are some new strings: for example, now in the main screen, there is "Don't Starve collectable figures are available now in the Klei Store"...in languages files, where is this strings?


When i wrote the first translation, ALL strings were in ../../dont_starve/data/scropts/languages/strings.pot




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The figures thing is a Moto Of The Day (motd) located in "my files/saves/motd". I don't think it's possible to translate that. Also, some strings are hard-coded, such as some maxwell-scenes. You may be able to overwrite the respective files in order to translate them, although that is not ideal. I personally don't have much experience with translating don't starve btw.

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