New Spider Dens. A little too much?

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Okay so previously whenever you hit a den only 4 at a time would come out which it pretty poor, easily kited. But now with about 6 or 8 spiders (i think 6 but feels like way more) I feel its way too overwhelming. plus the fact that in graveyards there are around 6 dens in close proximity and they were a problem before. You need 2 pig villages to do a mass attack on graveyards.

Once you do find an egg its strongly advised that you find a swamp area and place it near a swamp monster to make your life easier because once it reaches maximum size then good luck/

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Even prior to the patch you could find 8+ clumped together. Unless the AI was changed, attacking a single nest will not aggro other nests during daytime. An additional 2 to 4 spiders really isn't that bad if you properly kite considering spiders take 2 hits from a spear. If anything, it gives you more cobwebs per nest.

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