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I just thought of a nice idea that would also seem kind of cool like sometimes when you have more items of something than I can handle and they are just useless and take up space. Say you keep getting a bunch of Spears because alots of Boons are spawning them more than you can actually use, or any other items. I think it would be cool if we could create a tier 3 Science Machine called the Transmutation Compressor, and just like the name its main purpose would be to turn one material into another by condensing it. How it would work is:


1. Every item in the game would have a value, except food/edible items. Possibly from 1-4+ and it would be based on how useful/rare/expensive the item is to use/find/craft.


2. The Transmutation Compressor would have about 4-6 slots. In order to use it you go towards it and put items in it similar to a Crock Pot. Unlike a Crock Pot however you dont have to fill all of the slots.


3. Depending on the sum value of the items you put into the Transmutation Compressor it will turn your item into a certain gem, but there is also a possibility that it will randomize into a different gem. Also like in specific Crock Pot recipes, certain items can have a higher chance of making your gem become a specifically designated one.


I think this would be a cool thing to add into the game because it gives some use to excess items but also gives us more things to craft that dont have to do with Sanity/Hunger/Health directly. Possibly even add more gems into the game with this feature and a new tier of items, kind of like the "Ancients" that will allow use to craft things with more gem based recipes.

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Sort of. Same precises but it only transmutes things into gold.

You didn't look close enough ;-) There is an Exchanging Chest, that can exchange EMC into other items... It's a higher tier of Alchemy Chest (which converts items into only gold)... Also, there is an Alchemical Researcher, that can prototype blueprints for certain items...
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