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Banning, Joining games, & Cannibalism.

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Okay lets say you have a friend who you thought was nice, but then they started being mean to you on your Don't Starve Server.  Could there be a harsh mechanic on banning.  Like for instance, you could click on them and click on banning options.  There could be two options, one to where they just get booted and they are sent to the multiplayer screen, and the other where they could not leave and they get automatically tied up and you could go over there and kill them.  Of course there is the problem of an unfair mod.


Another thing, could other players be let in on the game?  Like if too many people left and have not come back, you could take them off your game list and hire more.


Also, with the whole cannibalism idea.  (I really REALLY love macabre things and ideas BTW.) Could there be other sources of human items.Maybe with the skeletons laying around could have bone marrow that you could eat.  This would of course make you lose sanity.  Could there also be bone weapons.  Since it is kinda easy to find skeletons, the damage be a little higher than a spear.

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