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I've discovered the mods some time ago and when I find a cool mod, I add it to my list.


But it happen that some mod are cool for a playstyle and not so good for another. And some mod work too well together and I don't want to use them at the same time.


And the list is big and it make it tedious to activate/desactivate each mod one by one.


So, i wonder : it is possible to have "mod profile", allowing to make some great profile (for me it could be "more danger" "rpg style" "more ressource", for exemple !).

For each profile, we could define what mod it contain, and save it.

It will allow to quickly swap style and, this way, i'll be surei have not forgot one mod I like, or allowing to have two different saves with different mods at the same time, without have to select one by one all the mod each time.


Thank for reading ! (And as English isn't my native language, i hope i am clear)

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