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Multi-person houses and Tents

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I think that there should be 2-4 person tents and 2-6 person houses that you enter and can walk around in and are sort of like another dimension and you can walk around but you dont have to worry about monsters or brightness. The Difference between a house and a tent is that a house has seperate rooms and/or stories

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What was it that Klei said about Don't Starve?

Don’t Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic.-The First Sentence of the Description of the Game on the Steam Store Page

Making the game "Easier" is called making the game for babies (no pun or offence intended) If you had a 2-4 person tent, it'd use up less space than 2-4 tents. Maybe if there was a house that took up loads of space (Like the cabin from the "Wilson's Cabin" mod by Afro1967) which would make sense since a house takes up more space than a tent.

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To be honest, why is everyone complaining? Like if you were in a world like that for AGES and had so much lott with a giant base: wouldn't you want to make yourself comfier? Like you can already make yourself dapper in midgame (Walking cane + Dapper vest + Top hat, does that seem comfy or a thing that would be for survival? I THINK NOT!)


So stop your complaints cause the already game stuff just disproves your points anyway. LEts make tents for multiple people and at least shelters, now shall we!!!

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