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Chocolate and more

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It could be new crock pot recipe and would give electric milk one more use: you put one cooked birchnut, one electric milk perhaps one twig and cacao powder (you would get one from cooking cacao fruit which would grow on cacao tree maybe somewhere in desert).

It would give you let's say temporary night vision and +20 sanity as well as restoring 10hp, it also would give you +35 hunger.


Cacao powder also could be used to make hot chocolate by adding one electric milk and 3 cacao powder, it would restore 10 sanity, 20 hunger and 15hp, as well as raising your temperature by let's say 30.


Cacao fruit would give you speed boost, while eaten alone and would spoil in five days (+15 hunger +5 sanity), cacao powder would last 20 days, spoil faster if wet. While eaten alone would decrease you health by 10 while giving very limited short time night vision (10 sec).


(I know that most effects does belong to coffee, but let's not forget that whole don't starve world is different from ours)

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Cause not everyone go to mod subforum :





Take that : 

cocoa beans(harvesting tree): 25 hunger, 2 health and -10 sanity

melted cocoa beans: 5 hunger, 15 health and 20 sanity

 and you can make dishes :

chocolate cake:

1 milk, 1 butter, 1 egg, 1 melted cocoa beans

50 hunger, 80 health and 10 sanity

heat you 40°

chocolate muffin:

2 cave banana, 1 cocoa beans and 1 green shroom

37.5 hunger, 10 health and 40 sanity


ice beans: 

2 ice, 1 melted cocoa beans, 1 milk/butter

5 hunger, 0 health and 60 sanity

cool you 40°


And you can't move the trees or plant them, you have to face danger every time you need cocoa!


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