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Modding talking to Maxwell in the final chapter to make it a 2 way conversation?

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I know modding Maxwell's speech in the both the opening and start of adventure chapters and making them character specific for mods has been done, and from the looks of it, it wouldn't be hard to change his lines when the player inspects him while he is sitting on the nightmare throne. I was wondering if it could be possible or not to make it so it either acts more like a cutscene, or the player's character will then say a line in response to Maxwell after he finishes talking. It could probably spice up the game's finale, and his lines could be different per character. As far as I know, the trick or treat mod does a similar thing, with the character replying to the pigman or bunnyman.


I'd like to use them for the mod characters i've made, and for other people who wish to do so.

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