What do you think of adding a RMB Option to Backpacks?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of adding a RMB Option to Backpacks?

    • I Support it!
    • I do NOT support it!
    • I am not sure.

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As I was playing I came to the idea that I should be able to view and rearrange the contents of a backpack that is placed on the ground. Although it isn't a necessity, I think being able to manage a backpack while it is not being worn by the player is enormously helpful in terms of time management and also it is just less of a hassle. In essence all I am suggesting is that a backpack have a "RMB View Contents" option while sitting on the ground, the traditional "LMB Pick up" would remain untouched.


Less micro-management of the inventory and rearrangement when trying to grab something out of a backpack.


Backpacks all of the sudden become more like an alternative to chests, at the cost of only one inventory slot. The only way I can think of lessening this effect is by adding some kind of durability to Backpacks which is a whole other issue.

Overall I think the addition of being able to manage backpacks without equipping them is a good thing, and does not carry too many bad attributes with it (other than that stated above).

What do you think, is it too aesthetic, not practical enough, or is there more to it?

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