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  1. I really like this idea. Illness, sickness, and diseases would add an extreme level of difficulty to the game. This could perhaps bring about alchemy, which could function similarly to how the Crock Pot makes food. Different signs, such as a red nose for the Flu, could help the player know what they have illness they have contracted. I agree, bringing about Winter (especially as a late game sort of difficulty increase) makes it plausible to have sicknesses. I suggest these diseases and illnesses could fit well with the game and easily be displayed through visuals: Disease/Illness -- Effects Influenza -- Sneezing, Fever, Insanity Streptococcal pharyngitis -- Coughing, , Dizziness(?) Gastroenteritis -- Depleted Hunger, Fever, Vomiting Common Cold -- Coughing, Sneezing, Fever Frostbite -- Shivering, Sneezing, Depleted Health Alchemy & Medicine The player could craft a sort of medicine table out of specific materials. The table could allow the player to combine various natural elements to concoct herbal medicines and elixirs, similar to how the Crock Pot makes different food dishes. The medicines created from the table would only be able to cure specific diseases or illnesses, so the player would have to investigate what they have contracted in order to cure themselves of it. For example a player quickly needs to determine whether or not they have the Flu or the Common Cold, but could not determine it with evidence of sneezing as they both possess that symptom. This way the player would not be advised to guess when it comes to making medicine.
  2. Looks awesome! I wonder if this means we can terraform grassy areas into Beefalo plains! At the very least I am glad I can finally make my base camp more fashionable.
  3. As I was playing I came to the idea that I should be able to view and rearrange the contents of a backpack that is placed on the ground. Although it isn't a necessity, I think being able to manage a backpack while it is not being worn by the player is enormously helpful in terms of time management and also it is just less of a hassle. In essence all I am suggesting is that a backpack have a "RMB View Contents" option while sitting on the ground, the traditional "LMB Pick up" would remain untouched. Positives: Less micro-management of the inventory and rearrangement when trying to grab something out of a backpack. Negatives: Backpacks all of the sudden become more like an alternative to chests, at the cost of only one inventory slot. The only way I can think of lessening this effect is by adding some kind of durability to Backpacks which is a whole other issue. Overall I think the addition of being able to manage backpacks without equipping them is a good thing, and does not carry too many bad attributes with it (other than that stated above). What do you think, is it too aesthetic, not practical enough, or is there more to it?
  4. Perhaps a stake with a long rope tied to it, and subsequently the tamed Beefalo, will do instead of a Barn or pen? 6 logs (the main pole), 3 stone (the base), 9 rope (to tie the Beefalo up). This would also allow for the Beefalo to freely roam a small circumference around the pole. The player could also untie the Beefalo and free it, or put a saddle on it and ride it to kingdom-come! Also I don't think the Beefalo should be able to attack while the player is riding it, for obvious reasons the Beefalo's attack is very OP and thus should not be used on the Player's behalf. Another idea is that the Beefalo would need food before, or after, long adventures. Playing along with the title the Player would have to be conscious of whether or not they have enough food to feed both themselves and their newly tamed Beefalo transport. This would add to the very difficult decisions the player has to make through out the game, and also it would make Beefalo riding a fairly late game thing as the player would need a sufficient supply of food. The alternative to having to feed a Beefalo would be to instead feed it Grass, or grass tufts, which would definitely affect the player but in a different way. All in all, I support this idea as a late-game feature!
  5. I definitely agree that all male characters should grow a beard, at different speeds of course. The female counter-part trait for this could be head hair growth? Also the female character could use a razor to cut hair as well, which could function as components of rope or effigys much like beard hair. To me this would add to the huge theme of "Stranded" or "Lost". As the character themselves begin to transform into a more wild and savage state as time goes on. By the time the character has survived longer, they will be gritty and tough from their past encounters with creatures, monsters, ect. This would only further express that in the form of visually transforming the character. I support this idea!