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Bring back the Purple Dusk!

Purple dusk  

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  1. 1. Should the purple dusk return?

    • Yes, it fits well with the game's atmosphere!
    • No, it's fine the way it is.
    • There should be an option.
    • It should depend on the season/phase.

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snakdel123    1

[screenshots from Yogscast's videos]

I feel like the first person to address this..




Don't Starve used to have this beautiful purple tint at dusk, but after an update it changed to this:



Now it looks bland and boring. It literally hurts my eyes to see through the darkness.


So I'm requesting some changes to the visual aesthetics, I want the purple tint back! This small detail was able to convince me to buy the game, and it helped me to be fully immersed with the game's atmosphere. Even the artwork agrees with me!




Good suggestions: put it back


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Snob    1272

 I don't /think/ making it really hard to see was intentional, but maybe I'm wrong.

Making things hard to see is bad game design. It probably wasn't intentional.

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The Letter W    5546

Though looking at the two again, the newer one does kind of showcase the light a bit better. I don't know if that was the reason for the change or not, but light is kind of an important thing.

That being said, I doubt it's impossible to tweak the purple overlay for that. I just hope the orange/purple clash wouldn't look too gaudy. 

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