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I hate have 3 tails and no more catcoon dens...They are so useless after that...So THIS gonna make your "hate of having 3 or less tails" life easier!


Cat-a-rang: 1 catcoontail(ALWayS CraFtAblE!!!), 1 boomerangarangarang , 8 silk and 4 beefalo fur


The cat-a-rang allow you to hit monster or other(piggy etc) with 0 damages but it aggro the target(the target aggro you excatly) and the others(like spider family or friendship of the pigs) don't aggro you!!! So you can split an army to exterminate all ozem!

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I stopped killing catcoons outright when I saw the insulation values for the beefalo hat in comparison. Box O' Jerky takes care of any potential sanity gains from the cat cap come winter time.


What they really need to crack down and do is make the stumps craftable a la pig houses.

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