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I don't have Rust so I can't agree or disagree with the idea, but I always pictured it somewhat like Civ 5 multiplayer.


You set up a game, choosing the options, and you can set it to private or open in the lobby. Players choose characters to play and stuff like that.

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I'm thinking it'd be something like a server program where they let us choose the world (like Terraria's Server client) we want to run or let us make a new world but still give us the options we can enable or disable. But it wouldn't be a java or cmd prompt (like what Minecraft and Terraria use) it'd be a customized cmd prompt that can allow us to click buttons (because cmd prompts don't do that, not lying by saying that, coders and techies would know what I mean. And when we go to customize the new world it will pop up a window as if it was Don't Starve and show us our options (with extra options like the PvP enable/disable, permadeath, possibly custom Maxwell dialogue edit option, etc.)

But that's a prediction!

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