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Character mod help?

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Howdy there,


I'm pretty new to modding (This is actually my first modding attempt ever) and so far I have everything working great, totally playable as is... There's just one little thing I'm having trouble with...


The character I'm making is a looter type character so I've been trying to figure out if there's a way to remove or at least lessen sanity loss from gravedigging?


Any help would be much appritiated, thank! :joyous:

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The easy way would be to copy Willow's mechanic for gaining sanity from fire, putting that in your mod, and changing them around from fire to grave, giving whatever multiplyer you need.

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I would, although that's not ideal, override the file responsible for the sanity loss upon digging a grave if the character is active (in this case it would be the prefab "mound").

Also don't copy willows code, please. I tried that once too.

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