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Developers, what should we be doing?

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So, the announcement for DST was posted on May 5th. It's been over 20 days, and I imagine some progress has been made. I am NOT asking for a release date, but rather this: developers, help us help you.


What have you set in stone, and what you still not sure about? What would you like some more input on as of now, and what topics should we drop? I want our discussions to be effective in helping you move forward, rather than taking shots in the dark as to what we should be debating about. I understand if you consider some things spoilers, but any sort of input on what our input should be would be much appreciated.

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No, as we stated previously, there isn't a lot we can tell anybody right now. For the most part, we are currently working on the inner workings of the project and gameplay isn't something we can discuss yet. The hard part is the actual implementation of making the game playable with multiple people. 


You guys talking about things you would like to see, or discussing interesting problems or solutions to how the game would work as a multiplayer experience is currently where we are at.


That is pretty much where we are at right now, and this was posted 3 days ago in the stickied DST thread, page 25. 


Edit: So I guess we're doing it right and are at the point we should be at? :-)

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