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Wet Factor

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Hi all, 

I'm brand new to the game and forum, I haven't even lurked much since I didn't want to spoil the joy of discovery so evident with this game.  But I just have to post an observation.  Is it just me, or are some characters more susceptible to wet than others?  I recently played with Wickerbottom, had her standing next to a good fire with a parasol and straw hat: wet factor decreased steadily until gone.  But in the game I'm playing now with Willow, she's standing next to the same kind and level of fire, wearing the same gear, but her wet factor is going up.  


So is there a variable per character, or is this rainstorm more "wet" than the other?  Or something else?


Thanks for anyone's insights and have a happy time not starving!


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I can't help but think the rain factor is kind of wacky, Despite Maxwell quoting he's clearly getting more soaked through, the wetness factor seemed to decrease on occasions. Not all the time, but just take into account I barely ever touch the weather gear stuff. It's happened sometimes with Wilson as well. Hmm...

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