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Don't Starve Together Suggestions/Questions

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Okay, so basically this is a suggestion and question thing.  I think it would be a good Idea to have insane players to see things.  Like for example, if the insane player gets to the point where shadows try to kill them, the name tags on players disappear(if they add namtags.) and turn into hallucinations.  This leads to my question.  If players don't have a steam, will they make a multiplayer account on the game site, or maybe a DST site especially for it.  I have different amounts of people who use the computer I use to play Don't Starve, so can the don't starve sign in thing be multiple accounts.  Like a login screen in the game.  This could organize the game.  You could message, manage , and invite friends.   Keep a friends list on the side of multiplayer (in game) so you could invite players to play or see if they are online. The friend bar could be in a multiplayer option.  Not in the actual options/settings so no one gets confused.  I think nametags would be a good idea, so no one got confused between the 3 Wilsons.  

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Nametags seem like a alright thing considering what if you are in a world yet you want to be friends with a cool guy yet another wilson joins in who has a rude nature. That would fix some problems.

I completely agree with you. It would be a good idea that if they were mean you could block them.  Then they would never see you again. (But if for some reason, you could unblock them)  I would love to friend some people on here now.  Everyone seems so lovely.  An account could easily organize everything. 

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