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creepy wolfs

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whats the best way to kill those bloody hell hound wolf things? i was sitting at my fire and hear this scary barking, then 2 wolfs run into my base and own me. now i have a spear and log armor, but is that good enough? i'm really freaked out by the wolfs and i hear one and i dont know where it is and i dont want to unpause the game XD

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And you can just time the strikes, generally the wolves will run at you, rear their heads back and strike. Just wait till they rear their head, run, than attack after the bite. Once you kill one the meat it drops can serve as bait for the rest. As for hellhounds well... make sure you're not around anything flammable :)

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if you dont want to deal with them lead them to a nearby beehive or beefallo herd, the hounds will attack them and get their teeth kicked in. but typicallly you can just kite them around and go in after their attack animation.

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