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  1. While this seems interesting im not going to jump to believe you without proof however.
  2. I would be laughing at this if the same thing didnt happen to me and a rock biome. ;-; Sometimes the rng hates me.
  3. like many others i prefer pumkins, and now that i can specifically grow pumkins i am never gonna die of hunger ever.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title caught bunnies not returning to hole Steps to reproduce catch a bunny in a trap put him down and let him run off he will then not return to a hole, even at night Describe your issue im not sure if this is working as intended but this seemed strange so i thought i would submit a report just in case.
  5. Thats a womans job-never cook any food Pacifistic scientist-never kill anything pyromania- you must set something on fire at least once every day (camp fires do not count unless the fire starts burning down trees or something.) Who needs magic when i have SCIENCE!!!!!- dont use the amulet or meat effigy Dressed to kill-you must you must have a top hat by day 15 (optional: also have a dapper vest) and thats all i got right now, i may edit in more.
  6. Hush, fire shall cleanse these foul creatures, your forest, your grass, your pig houses, and your berry bushes. Once you set fire to the lot of them everything will be really clean, not to mention free charcoal! What heartless scientist dosnt love charcoal.
  7. this guy needs more people to harass him/boss him around besides me.
  8. yeah i tried making a little tree wall thing to try to keep it from running after me forever and it turned back into a tree, so i did what any normal pyromaniac would do and burned an entire forest to the ground.
  9. well i got no advice other than explore more since the one big island maps are a pain to tell whats where, but good luck!
  10. ok what i find that works best is this run into the range where it will attack you, run out of range and it will miss, tehn you run back in range whack it once and back out. rinse and repeat untill dead. wear a log armor if you feel you cant dodge its hits well, unarmored you can survive only one hit without healing. another technique is to plant trees around it, this causes the treeguard to revert into a docile tree like state, where you can then BURN IT!!!!!! By setting the trees you planted next to it on fire. the downside to this is that fires get out of control easy and you might accidentally burn everything.
  11. pretty cool, next time dont eat meat after killing a pig >: (
  12. could you give us a picture of your world map? it might help us locate tallbirds.
  13. I would be ok with co-op if, and only if it didnt detract from them making the single player game as good as possible.while multiplayer is a nice feature and ill admit its nice to play with friends this game has real potential and i dont want it going down the tubes due to the devs spending to much time and resources working out multiplayer.