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Cooperation, or open multiplayer PvP? (Opnions how multiplayer will be?)

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My assumption is that if you just don't post your ip address on any forums, you should be fine. And even still, if you do, you should probably change ports and notify other players.

I think there will be 2 ways of joining mp, matchmaking wich would choose randomly a world open to play, and another one wich would be to play through an ip to play with friends

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Have you ever seen the internet as a whole have the ability to "play nice" together?  There's always at least one in every group lol

No, I have not. It's sad, though.

I ended up getting used to it, just like everyone else. And it's not just the internet, but in real life too. There's some mofos here and there, and we cannot stop that from happening. So I go back to my old post; one of the easiest ways to avoid griefers is to just set up a private game and invite friends over.

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pvp would seem like a strange choice to me and not one i'm sure i would welcome, though even in a pve game people will grief.. i mean you dont need direct combat to burn down someones camp, or to visit it and read On Tentacles half a dozen times while they're out shaving beefalo...   i guess thats just the chance we'll have to take in a public game.


I'm more concerned that it will be fun to play in private groups with people you know atm, but i still really cant get my head around how it's going to work.


I mean whats gonna happen when you use a tent/mandrake... i know they said they will rebalance stuff but seems like a big job. And how will long games be dealt with? Will worlds be stored on a server so any of the players can rejoin and play even if some others in the game arent around? Are your bases protected when you're not online? Maybe they'll make it like an adventure mode so that people can have "reasonable length" games.. 


if its pvp character balance is gonna be an issue too, if its coop it doesnt matter

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