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Add more Characters & Creatures/Mobs

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First off, I think more characters should be added. Maybe another dapper character but I think creature characters (like Webber) would be cool, like a playable Rock Lobster looking guy or something. More characters would be nice especially if they were based of some of the creatures in the game, like how Webber is basically a Spider guy.


Secondly, I want to see even more mobs to befriend or slaughter. Seeing the new creatures is awesome but can be scary which makes the playing experience more enjoyable apart from surviving as long as possible. Or maybe even a sky area? I mean, you could go underground so why not see what lurks around above you? Well, I think more mobs should be introduced.

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Unfortunately they probably won't be adding anything besides some bug fixes and maybe some stuff related to the puzzle since ROG is done.


Not that i'm against having more stuff added, it's just that it probably won't be until another dlc that they will add anything.

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