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Summer MacTusk, grizzly camping.

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In the DLC summer seems to have become a counterpart for winter. With similar boss (dragonfly catching things on fire, deerclops freezing things.) and overheating but simply with different preparation measures. (collecting ice instead of beefalo wool.) Summer is also a bit harder then winter because of the whole fire thing, the season for summer preparation (spring) being loaded with frog rain and sanity loss. Then all of this parralel stuff got me thinking about a counterpart to mactusk, and what better then a bunch of camping redneck grizzlies?



Okay, firstly these will be the monsters in our pack.



Pap grizzly


Appearance: A very large pig model with a bear look and wearing a floppy camping hat and a beige vest.




ATP: 80 with hunting bow, 60 with claws.


Drops: Bear claws (Melee weapon about as powerful as battle spear, but you have to be within touching range before you can use it.) and a 5% chance to drop a bear pelt (tier 2 insulation item.)  3 meat




Unlike other hunchbacks Pap will not use kiting AI but instead will start out with mactusk AI, firing at the player with his hunting bow (not dropped on death) and ten after running out of arrows 8 or nine shots would go full out werepig and charge the player trying to tank him. Pap grizzly would mainly try tot distract the character and work with Ma grizzly (below) to kill the player, mainly trying to keep the player occupied.


Ma grizzly


Appearance: A slightly smaller pap grizzly model wearing a floral skirt and earings.


HP:(before atacking lil cub (Below) or killing pap grizzly) 450 (after  killing pap grizzly/ engaging lil' cub) 330 


ATP: Normal: 35 Enraged: 80


Drops: floral skirt ( cooling item with same cool level of floral shirt, but has durability instead of spoiling.) 2 meat 3 morsels




Ma uses a kiting AI unlike pap. She normally has a decent bunch of health and a so-so amount of damage.  Then, when Pap or li'l cub is attacked she becomes enraged and looses health (330) but takes on a massive amount of damage. Upon death gives 5 naughtiness



Li'l cub:


Appearance:  A bear model but very small, barely bigger then wilson with a striped red shirt and a propeller cap.


HP:  210


ATP: Doesn't attack.


Drops: Teddy bear,  restores 15 sanity when used, it has 10 uses and can be repaired with a sewing kit. 8 morsels.



Behavior: Li'l cub will command Labrador (bellow) after ma or pap are killed.  But when Labrador is killed lil cub would act like a scared pig and run away from the player.


Adds 20 naughtiness





Appearance: A slightly larger yellow hound with a red collar around it's neck. 


HP: 320


ATP: 45



Drops: 2 monster meat or 1 hounds tooth.




Labrador will  stick back with li'l cub whil pap grizzly and ma are fighting the player. Then would be commanded by Li'l cub.







In winter  and spring and autumn the camp will look like a few tent post's and rope with a blackened spot on the ground nearby. When examined it will say "grizzly tent". Then during summer the tent would become a tent made of rabbit fur. With a permanent (for the season) campfire and a cooler on the ground. The cooler can be taken from the camp and will contain a huge amount of morsels (10 or so) and some berries and other foods. The cooler can be taken from the camp and slows spoilage by 20%. You can equip the cooler in the tool slot. The campfire is fueled by Pap grizzly and if it is not it will burn to coals, basically the same as having gone out but still produces a small amount of light ( just enough to stave off charlie.) and allows you to cook food on it.



Behavior of the group during day:


Pap grizzly will shoot down any small animals on sight and collect the morsels/ feathers they drop. They will collect fish and berries and will take any animals in traps ( giving you a reason to pick up your traps) labrador and li'l cub will play tag.



Behavior during dusk:


The group will sit down by the fire and pap bear will fuel it to full blaze, then they will cook whatever they got during the day, and eat most of it, storing what they didn't eat in the cooler.

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I think this is a pretty cool idea.


Though, if you want to make them seem "Redneck", the Papa Grizzly should be wearing an Ushanka with a red plaid pattern on it with maybe Beefalo wool for the inside and would act as a good insulator for the winter, same with the Bear Pelt (assuming it'll be like a re-colored Hibearnation Vest).


But overall, I think this would be a nice addition to Reign of Giants.

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Pretty nice for fun and wishful thinking, yet whenever I see someone suggest something that includes new models, new sounds, new animations, new drops, (hell, even new behaviours) I lose interest because its very unlikely to happen; its a ton of work.

IMO, short concise changes are way more likely to be implemented, easier to understand and if you let the devs figure out the details they can fit it better in their vision of the game.

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