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  1. Of course Wilson: *snatches the small glob of meat away from the crazy cat lady* " No, it might be poisonous or something." *Wilson pokes it with his finger and it latches on, a tentacle goes and retrieves one of the rabbit's Emma caught and eats it, it grows onto wilson's hand.* "OUGH, IT'S MOVING"
  2. Pulsebane awaken's then looks at willingham. He relay's a thought through the pulseflesh glob so Willingham and most people near him can hear it through his stomach. SHOULD WE CONSUME THESE OTHER BEINGS BROTHER?
  3. Wilson: *Screams like a girl and jumps on to one leg* "Oh my! Thanks a whole bunch for that? Whatever your name is?" *Rips some silk off of the gobbler and takes a mortar and pestle to it and the spider gland, begins unwrapping the gobbler when suddenly some sort of raw flesh, about the consistency of ground beef falls out of the cocoon.* "What's that?"
  4. Pulsebane quivers a bit, some of the air pockets have been released out of it making a farting sound.
  5. The pulseflesh settles down into one neat glob and starts to do something similar to snoring. (ProTip: If you stuff some pulseflesh in your pocket it will make pulsebane think you are infected.)
  6. F-OOO--O-OOD. PULSE CONSUMES Turns into a swarm of small ant like creatures that chase willingham.
  7. Banepulse is quickly alerted by this, not scared, as pulseflesh can not feel fear, she turns to face the tree and quickly sends a pulseflesh tendril in the bush, infecting it so she can see who this stranger is. Fuh, fuu oood. He rasps. Immediately grows keeping the tendril in place and outstretches his arm out wanting to eat Willingham
  8. Immediately stands straight up and sends tendrils of pulseflesh into the ground as she does. The pulseflesh infects a tree and he is immediately gifted with sight. (He can only see through his pulseflesh tendrils.) There is a berry bush nearby some small scurrying creatures and some other coniferous trees, along with some flint minerals on the ground. She immediately remembers this and it is as good as sight for him. She retracts the tendrils, blinding herself, but remembering the immediate vicinity. Acting on memory he collects all the resources she can in the area.
  9. Ah sorry mate. Name: Pulsebane Race: Pulse Lure. Powers: Can infect plants, creatures and even structures to allow her to see from that structure/plant/creature, however she will dry out quicker and loose hunger faster the more infection he has spread. But being a non connected pulse lure (being pretty much just flesh, not being supplied with blood) with eventually dry out and slow till she's at a complete halt, this can be undone by eating ice, fruits or being in rain. He will not dry out during the night. Can shrink and change form, allowing her to not scare bunnies or birds, and scare off hounds, but his enormous or small sizes will attract giants and hounds respectively. Also has HUGE insanity aura. Age: 8 months old. Gender: Nothin but flesh. Background: When the Pulse was killed off after trying to infect our world using the shadow creatures as a gateway. Pulsebane survived because she was still a human in the process of being consumed by Pulseflesh. He's nothing like a human anymore of course. But he has struggled not being part of a hive mind anymore, it's hard when you run the risk of drying out every day and collecting food was surprisingly hard for her. Now he struggles to re spread pulse. (You'll see what all of this nonsense means when you join my RP .v. ) Appearence: Can mimic the form of any animal, of course covered with blood and flesh when he does. However normally she looks like a sluglike creature that leaps as locomotion. Extras: Will passively regenerate health very slowly when full.
  10. Wilson:*polite cough* Bump bump!
  11. Wilson: *pockets the fresh kills away to be cooked later.* *gobbles up the berries borderline insane from hunger.* "That thing probably won't kill the Tetanus spores in your blood stream, I managed to keep a mortar and pestle with me. Maybe we could make some disinfectant wit venom of some kind."
  12. Wilson: "No, not at all. Did you mannage to find anything to eat while you were out there?" BTW: Because none of your powers say you're a healer I'm going to have that salve you made slow infection. And for a permanent disinfectant you're going to need to find some spiders.
  13. Why: The man in the suit seems to be the source of the spike of agony in your head. The pain in your head has gotten to the point where it blurs your vision and you cannot focus on him any more. You've heard that voice before, you can't exactly place it but it was the last thing you heard before you were here. "Ha! You really thought I would help you? I'll give you one more bit of 'help' this island is alive! And it will hunt you to your last shred of conscious." then vanished in a cloud of shadowy smoke. Emma: Unlike the others around you, you cannot feel whatever this pain is coming from. But when you try to get up a spike of pain goes up your foot. You immediately scream in pain and look at your foot, a 9 inch rusty nail is in your foot. You pull the nail out slowly and the pain recedes to dull background noise. You stand up and say something to that man with the really weird spiked hair. The agony is still fresh in your mind, and you don't know what you said. You think you did the normal thing and asked where you were exactly. Where ever you are, you managed to keep your lucky diamond daggers, they are TOTALLY not magic or anything. Wilson(to why): "Wilson Percival Higgsbury, you haven't told me your name though." Wilson(to emma): "I don't really know, it's some island I think. We really need to find something to disinfect that nail wound."
  14. That should be fine to! Just wanted to make sure what all of this nonsense wit colons was about