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Looking for as many modders that JaRDeV made a video for as possible!

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I am going to group together as many of you modders as possible so you can add your own little touch to the mod that I am going to make!

I am making a SerJonSnow (that's his handle) mod for him and want it secret until it is released!!

I don't want any work done on it just yet I first want to just group together as many modders that he has made videos for as possible :)

This mod will be like a thankyou for him making so many videos for us modders! It really helps us a lot and I wanna say thankyou!

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Well, there's the U&A team, Mr. NikMik, Me and the Waverly team (Though I reckon only about two of them are still here), the guy who did the infinite pigtorch, and the guy who did the spider mounts mod. Though there's quite a few others.

Like I said I need as many of the modders as possible to come here and put their own touch on it

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