Possible to add world seeds?

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As with some games of this type the world map is usually controlled by some seed. I don't know if this is the case for Don't Starve though.


If it is generated by seed, would it be possible to let us access it?


Mainly it would be useful for world sharing, contest perhaps. I can imagine a tutorial series based on a specific seed so viewers could follow along.


I can also imagine reasons why we shouldn't have access to it. The one that comes to mind first is so everybody has a different unpredictable world to play in. The uniqueness factor.


What do you think about this addition?

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I agree and disagree with this.

Yes, it'd be great for tutorials and whatnot - but the theme of Don't Starve is partially doing things yourself.

I also have to agree with JustA4ever - some players for some reason always take the easy route in games - even if it sucks all the fun out of it.

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