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  1. No idea if the spawner is broken or not. It might be worth noting there was a lot of savanna biomes but they were all very small (3 screens wide max, most fit entirely on screen).
  2. This is the first time I have encountered this issue personally. I fully explored my latest ROG world (fully updated as of May 2nd) and there is only 1 beefalo in the world. Would it be possible to make them at least spawn a minium of 2 per world? At least they can reproduce then.... unless it doesn't work like that. Honestly I don't know if they work like rock lobsters (where one will spawn more) or do they need at least two?
  3. Decent series and channel. Only have one gripe, the video length. Just way too short for my taste. So did you quit Don't Starve already?
  4. I can't seem to get streaming to work. It is linked to my twitch account (even says so on my dashboard) but twitch doesn't seem to get any information. Channel stays offline. Yes, OBS works to stream. Yes Don't Starve is linked to twitch. Yes I am logged in. Yes I did press 'B' to start streaming and it says it is streaming. Anybody have any ideas?