Storage of unequipped items

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I would find it good, when unequipped Items like the log suit, the axe, the torch...etc. would stored on the right side, instead of sliding every time on the left side.

It's just a little problem but I often have moments where I search items in the Inventory to equip them (in fights) and don't find them so fast.


(Excuse my bad english)


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Just making sure I understand... OP, you're asking for changing the default inventory placement for newly built/unequipped items, right? For example, our inventory looks like this:


X X X X X    X X X X X    X X X X X    Hand  Chest  Head

  (1-5)           (6-10)       (11-15)


You have items in slots 1-5 and 6-10, so your last 5 slots are open. You build a torch, or unequip your log suit, or take off your helmet. It defaults to slot 11 currently, and you're suggesting it defaults to slot 15?



Klei recently added functionality to unequipping items to slots, where they were equipped... Maybe you have old version of the game or you are missing some files? Try reinstalling the game...



I knew we could equip items from slots by pressing a number key... I didn't know we could unequip in a similar way! How so??? I always right-click to unequip, then fuss around with my inventory arrangement when I'm hanging out by the fire at night.

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