Campfire Dizziness

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Okay, it may not happen to many people,but since it happens to me, I believe someone else might be suffering from this problem :)I get all dizzy with the campfire animation. All the blackness around it and the pulsating animation really gets me disturbed, and this is not something I usually feel... I mean, I've never really noticed it on any other games or, let's say, movies... but this one, oh boy, it makes the night unbearable for me :OI believe some more frames, like 5 frames of animation, or maybe a slower variation of frames, might help. Don't know...Anyone else suffering from that?

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Maybe they might add in a section to change the graphics setting in the upcoming versions. It might help. If it's making you dizzy it may be throwing you into a mini seizure. It happens with some games depending on the person. Changing brightness or quality of graphics may work. Be careful though as it could throw you into a full seizure if exposed to it over longer periods of time.

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