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How to make clothes have no durability?

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You just need to get rid of fueled component from them. You ,ust find all clothes prefab names and then in modmain:

function ClothesPostInit(inst)inst:RemoveComponent("fueled")endAddPrefabPostInit("trunkvest_summer", ClothesPostInit) -- do this line for all clothes 
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That didn't work out too well....


Your code works for something like a top hat but not things like the trunkvest_summer( The Breezy Vest) or the Dapper Vest,etc....


How can I fix this?


Its simpler way do that, just find values in tuning.lua file like STRAWHAT_PERISHTIME = total_day_time*5, then you just list them in modmain like that:


Doubt you will survive 9999 days anyway.

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