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New Attack Mechanic Suggestion - DEATH GRIP

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With the introduction of the (seasonal) Giants and a small rework to the former existing one (Deerclops), the devs lowered the significance of having allies. With devastating area of effect attacks these bosses can demovlish large armies of SpiderPigmen or even Beefalo. Having this in mind I came up with an idea of 'counet-balancing' this by introducing a new type of a monster attack (to avoid any ambiguity I will reffer to it as the Death Grip) that would again make having allies (even a single Catcoon) feel like having somewhat of a 'safty-belt' while treading on the island.


This concept is inspired by Left4Dead's (grapple ability of the Charger, Hunter, Smoker or Jockey). Basicly we would have monsters that attack you and make you paralized while they inflict health or sanity (or both or maybe just paralize you for some time as a complementary effect of some bosses or monster packs) loss until you're dead. Sounds Tragic? That's the point. The only way of getting out of such situation will be:

  • avoiding such deadly creatures;
  • having at least 1 ally that will be able to land 1 successful hit on the attacker thus releasing you from the Death Grip;

People complain about the ease of dealing with some 'harder' enemies in Don't Starve. The root of the problem lyies in the fact that combat system that we have that won't change much. There is only a small learning curve when it comes to perfecting your fighting skills. Having 2-piece armour, a Spear and basic kiting knowledge allows you to face the deadliest enemies. That would change with the introduction of the Death Grip while allowing Don't Starve to have its focus more on decision making than having manual skills by the player. I think it might also amplify the 'horror' aspect of the game. Imagine traveling through the woods with the tourch during the night knowing that there might be something lurking in the dark that's a serious threat. Wouldn't that revive the excitment players had while spending their first days in Don't Starve?



Monsters having a Death Grip should be manageable but deadly. They ought to be slow or have a strongly readable attack that can be dodged (by moving away or in a specific direction). The stationary types should have a small animation that would indicate their presence (just like the Tentacles have).


Example Monsters:

Anakondas/Pythons - lurking in the murky swamp waters or hanging from the trees. They would occasionally move but mainly occupy a specific spot. Getting too close will result in being strangled and slowly crushed under the snake's coils.


Alternatively the swamp might have Ooze creatures or Moss Monsters that would do the same (cover and try to suffocate their target while destroying the armour that their're currently wearing).


I think that Leeches would also fit into the concept.


The Evergreens might get infested by Giant Ticks (during Spring?) that would jump on you while you're chopping the tree down and start sucking your blood out.


Some nightmare creatures could attach themselves to your head and drain your sanity.


As mentioned - some of the weaker Giants could get a buff by having a new (occasionally performed) Death Grip attack- swallowing the player resulting in digestion or puking him/her out while interrupted with an attack.




If you've got an idea for a monster with such a meachanic then please leave a comment. Thanks for reading!



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I think the main problem with this is that it's much harsher than anything else in the game for players who don't know about it yet. Perhaps reducing the maximum damage to 75, and have it ignore armor? That way a new player could get caught by it, not die if they weren't very low already, and have a chance to run away.


I don't think any new creatures are going to be added, though, but it might be good to add this to the bearger and gmoose, the currently weakest giants.

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