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  1. I don't see the super urge to have a roof. I guess we could have one since there is a mechanic that allows for transparencies (added when Caves came out) so the perspective is not an issue. Would they give absolute protection from rain? What about protection from overheating and cold? Btw - would a 'roofed' house use a normal fireplace or maybe we should have a chimney introduced? That's a lot of CO2 in one place after all - the smoke needs to escape somewhere. More protection means there should be some downsides to having a house like that. What would those disadvantages be?
  2. I am super hyped. It made my day when I came from work and heard the news. Thanks Klei.
  3. Oh wow! I wasn't aware of that. Good to know!
  4. He never touched a single piece of Monster Meat in his life. He's a picky eater as we all know. It's the feudal rent he recives from his subjects. He's a king after all. His resting place was created on top of the surface part of some of the forgotten civilization's (the one noticable in the Ruins) structure. He wears the epic bikini set that gives absolute protection from overheating. On the other hand his obese body gives him cold immunity. It's not the birchnut biome. It's the Pig King's Biome!
  5. What if Summer was the only season during which you could use Drying Racks?
  6. Spank the monkey, polish the one eyed gopher or.. pet the Gloomer. If you know what I mean.
  7. Because it's cheating. I bet that every person that uses the console also puts the Pig King somewhere near their base for convenience.
  8. I also thought that we are guaranteed to have one Pig King per world. Personally I was always lucky to find him but I totaly understand how frustrating it would be to find out that he's missing. Great observation. I am 100% behind this request.
  9. Too many 'wants' to mention in a single thread. Different approaching sound for the Bearger (currently it's the same one as for the Deerclops.
  10. First of all I would like to express my disappointment with the general attitude of Don't Starve's community. On the one hand we have peope whinning in a really bad manner about a game that they know was advertised as 'An Uncompromising Wilderness Survival Game' and on the other one we have so-called 'Troll hunters' that are so ignorant in their view on how the gameplay should look like that they ridicule anyone who disagrees with them. Slapping a 'troll' sticker is just intellectual lazyness. I understand that that's alwyas easier to do it than start a real discussion. Personally I was attracted to this game because it was promised to be hard and it delivered. Almost all of the sandbox titles suffer from a serious desgin problem. As there is no set goal you quickly get borred after doing all the stuff that there was to do. In Don't Starve you have the freedom to play in various ways while still having this feeling of danger which influences your decisions and keeps you busy. The moment that things start to go easy boredom kicks in so I am happy to welcome all of the changes that prolong the entertaining feeling of struggle with the wilderness. That's a really childish way of expressing your opisions about the game. Don't expect to be treated fair on this forum after bashing the game and people who created it like that. Those 'acruall programmers' made the game easily moddable so you can also enjoy unofficial content. Not all game companies do that. That's an argument aknowleging their good work and not the other way around. Contributing fans always outnumber the devs so it's not surprising that after a while you might find more interesting content that is free. Still it's all made on the shoulders of those who made the original and you can't give credit to modders without giving it to the core developers. Professional programmers work for money. What did you expect? I don't remember Klei being part of some social program. I sense a disturbing feeling of entitlement in you. It's the 'early access' to Don't Starve's beta. If you bother to write something about the current state of the game then why not use some constructive criticism? Avoid using words such as 'idiotic', 'stupid' and 'dumb'. It's hard to defend your position when you do that. You pack your thread with many issues that might have some merit in them but they get obscured by your screams of frustration. Your experiance is your experiance. Noone can't argue with the fact that you couldn't deal with some of the monsters and situations in this expansion. Noone can say that you didn't get annoyed with getting killed X times. I think that you need to reassess your ideas and reformulate them. Write them down after calming down and do it politely. You might even provide some solutions on how to fix those issues instead of just complaining. I would also advise to break your report into few threads (one for the 'overpowered' bosses, one for the 'ice flingers') so that none of problems gets missed. I guarantee you'll have better chances in influencing the development of Don't Starve's beta. Good luck.