Carts and travelling items

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My idea is to have carts which have a high capacity (20 spaces?) but they slow you down the more items you put in. You can use this to transport to a new base or to take while exploring. It would take alot to build made with like 15 planks and 15 stones possibly 20 tiwgs and some rope, and breaks after a certain time, 50 or so days (the affect of rain and snow will damage it, so a shed for it?). This would move slower at winter which leads onto the next bit :encouragement:


In addition to this you could have carts pulled by 2 pigmen or a beefalo which you control while on the cart.


For the winteryou could have sleds which move faster across snow and slower in the summer. only 12 spaces and can be pulled by beefalo or pigs with hats. Made with 10 stone, 15 flint, some rope and some silk.


To be honest, this would just be a nice feature for people who travel lots and i would definitly aim toward getting both :p

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First reading this I thought it sounded kinda silly. But it really makes sense. Make it a tough recipe with a deterioration. Hardest part would be getting something to pull it. I dont think pigmen would be efficient, you'd be spending most of your time feeding them compared to them pulling you and in the winter, you don't have much day to work with as it is. Beefalo makes more sense but you would need a way to steer them. Carrot hanging from a pole comes to mind, but how would you hook them up to it? They'd have to be tamed first and they move pretty slow.

Overall, I like it, but would depend on specifics and mechanics.

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