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Default attacking on spiders as Webber

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When using Webber the dynamics between pigs/bunnies and spiders are switched around, making the pigs hostile towards you and spiders neutral, but... the key binding priority haven't changed, so you need to use Ctrl+F to force attack on pigs, when you should automatically prioritize combat against them.

Worse yet is the fact that spiders are still an auto target, so if you press F you'll end up hitting them, when you should need to force attack to hit them, since spiders are neutral and allies.


Basically what I mean is F = hits pigs, bunnies and other mobs aggressive to spiders and ignores spiders, thus making you need to force attack (Ctrl+F) to hit the lil' arachnids.

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I tend to make the most out of it when playing as Webber, so I have spiders crawling around my entire base.

Everytime a giant, hounds or any other enemy shows up and gets aggro by spiders I go to help them and end up hitting the spiders instead.

Really annoying.

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Oh, this also happens on spider mounts. I guide pigs to the web to make them slow and use the advantage of walking on web to beat them to a pulp fast, only to ignore the pig and go strike at the egg, making spiders come out and I needing to flee.

God dang, they are my buddies, I don't want to hit their houses unless I use force attack. :wilsondisappointed:

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