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Webber and The Spider Queen

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How does one summon the Spider Queen as Webber? Standing on the webbing near the nest does nothing, as Webber does not actually make anything come out. Also, is there any way to get the warrior spiders to come out/befriend them? I mean, I thought that they would come out when spiders were killed near the nest, but nothing happened when some beefalo did that, nor anything when the Bearger attacked.

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1. The spider queen isn't summonable. If you're near, she can get crapped out of a T3 nest.

2. Webber cannot trigger the nests. People want a "poke" ability, but the devs have said no IIRC. You'll have to wait untill dusk or tow an enemy with you.


I don't know why the warriors didn't pop out when stuff killed stuff.

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