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  1. A leader of a pack 1 day orcs will ride them trust me
  2. I know modding somewhat kinda hard but can you make it not hit campfires so you can leave it on by the base
  3. The problem is he keeps charging he doesn't stay in position for me
  4. It's normal if you leave it on so just turn it off
  5. Why did the skeleton not go to the party? He had no body to go with. I found this somewhere else
  6. klei is lucky they arent excited as we are we cant wait
  7. there are such things as diffferent timezones
  8. so im guessing no one is getting it early?
  9. ya i know but i like to freak out on how long i have to wait
  10. so now they come in spring and autumn cause i heard bug they just had trouble with those
  11. when will koalefants or so called warg will be fixed or added when will winter be fixed? when will heatstone be fixed if it isnt already